Oct 12, 2009

Did the internet reduce our sleep hours?

I think the internet changed expectations of a person's work efficiency. Managers expect people to accomplish more in less time. Is it fair to claim that people are much busier today than they were about four decades ago?

The underlying question is, how much of a difference would it have made if we didn't have the internet? Would we still have the same workload but with pre-internet expectations of efficiency, or would we be progressing toward the inevitable workloads and expectations of today, only much slower without the internet?


taipau said...

well. i think sometimes it does reduce our sleep. haha . i mean, u are out surfing the net at 10 pm(letssay tis is ur sleep time)
and den u surf a few more, recheck ur mail , blog, fb, and den u click away to the wee hours of the morning . lol. just because sub conciously u don wanna get offline.

i think the work load will be less, but it changes from time to time. we cant be too dependant on the internet. especially when some times the internet crashes for a few days.

banks and other government sectors rely on the internet a lot. but banks employees are well trained as to work without the internet from time to time. many government sectors declare dats without internet as a holiday. no internet cant do shits pls come again another. it happened to me before. talk about lazy.

sean said...

totally reduces my sleephours. for sure.

_VeL_ said...

I only know, internet saves lots of our time, in the sense of work. GOOGLE. HAHAHAHA. Even library has an online library for journals. So good lah.

You don't get so addicted to the internet la. Time to sleep then go sleep. Don't stay awake for nothing, or for your series. HAHAHA.

taipau said...

no one is addicted o internet wan

its just that it gets so easy to find watever u look for , mayb u looking for mushrooms. den u see a mario video, den the mario video leads to red caps. den the red stylish caps leads to clothes online den it leads to a shoe blog den it leads to a bag blog. and WAH LAH

-2 hours sleep time!

cheahwey said...

Ben foo:
We could label it so many things though; procrastination, addiction, enthused interest(?!).

The thing with digitizing everything is that they believe it makes things more efficient and saves resources. Things are processed faster (... one can dream), less trees are cut down (we hope), so dependency on the internet isn't unjustified.

But of course, like you said, internet failure could render you incompetent. Kinda like an emasculation, when you think about it.

Feels good to discuss stuff. Good talk, buddy! :)

Like you said, the internet saves us time. But my problem isn't the internet, it's my time management skills. The internet is an enabler; enabling me to procrastinate, or to work. It's pretty partial in its alignment. So it's really.. about me.

Goodness gracious, how did this turn into "me"? Hehe..

Internet and enablers aside, you should probably start thinking of life after college man... Not a job, but what you want to do in life, besides counting up a storm in actuarial science.

I imagine that it's best to think about this now before you reach a quarter life crises... which is pretty soon.
Actually, I think I'm having one now.

taipau said...

yea, internet is kinda like a catalyst or a medium. the last ingredient and poof! instant procrastination.

internet it self is harmless

its the blogs, the youtube, the tube tube and of course dear old FB.

now that i think of it. FB has taken malaysians by storm. although it was quite popular with foreign countries few years before malaysia.

Fb = procrastinate

if u are a fb goer, here is wat u usually. u hav nothing else to do on fb but u keep refreshing, and clicking home in hopes of a new interesting posts or a comment. lol

blogs work the same way to procrastinate to. well tahts what i think la

haha yea fun discussion, touche!

cheahwey said...

I thought FB was pretty popular already... since 2008.. maybe 2007 too?

taipau said...

b4 2007 it was already a hit in other places, when we still dwell friendster.

cheahwey said...

yeah lah.. asian countries tend to be slower.

I don't get why you said "FB has taken malaysians by storm"?

taipau said...

well i always wanted to say that , something taken something by storm , haha. well

if u wan me to define dat well it just means fb pwned friendster in a few months time lol

cheahwey said...

Friendster brought about its own downfall as well... they didn't let bands create profiles on there and the Friendster culture was just getting out of hand with the sparkly graffiti and stuff. It killed itself.