Sep 1, 2009

Why I'm still unpopular in the blogosphere

I think the main factor contributing to my failure to launch my blogging career and hit super stardom *sparkles* is my inability to bring attention to myself because believe it, people, blogging is an attention economy.

Now what is an attention economy, you ask. In the context of the WWW, it means attention has become the determining factor in your success. That is to say, you can make it big (temporarily) if you can bring attention to yourself either through content or some publicity stunt, best illustrated in the entertainment industry. And now, in the blogosphere as well. Makes me want to change my site's subhead to "Because I need attention".

Anyway, attention is temporary and difficult to obtain. There's so much information on the web that something new will come up and pull a coup d'├ętat on you, and before you can exclaim, "Holy crap, I'm popular!" some other more interesting person will have already sent you a plate of dust to feast on. Think: Friendster and ICQ.

And why this is a major obstacle for me is because I feel stupid promoting myself. I can't say, "Hey, check out my blog!" because it's so spammy and attention-seeking. Again, I've changed to a new address and still I can't bring myself to remind those who have not updated their blog rolls. I don't expect you to update it because I told you to, but instead, it's even more difficult to go to your blogs and tell YOU I've moved because it feels pretentious in some way. Trust me, I had an internal debate about doing it and now feel like a hypocrite for pinging posts that lacked substance.

Don't deny it, you little denial bug. You vie for that share of attention as much as the next person. According to this dude, Goldhaber, he said that attention is essential to surviving and the example he gave is, babies. Itty-bitty babies. The cute ones get all the love and attention while the butt ugly ones have to fend for themselves. Think: Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony singing girl or pets at the pound.

Heck, Nuffnang and its blog aggregating service, Innit, builds upon this desire. This thing where friends and I lament about how Innit is becoming vapid spaces of nothingness stems from its operating model. It's been so naive of me to think that Innit should be about sharing quality posts and not posts about camwhores getting a haircut, like how it currently is.

Not to say I will never reach super stardom (optimism!) but this effectively diminishes my chances at it. I could still produce quality (*snorts*) content but chances of it being shared and the blog becoming popular would take forever. Probably never, depending on how long I live and whether blogging will be considered a trite enough platform for fame and infamy.


-Littlenicky- said...

i think partly is caused by your words-only-not-many-picture post.

cheahwey said...

If i rmb correctly, i've asked you guys about pics in posts and now i can't rmb what you guys wanted, but i've gave it some thought and that's just not how i roll. That and the hassle with uploading and linking pictures.

One thing i can do is try to keep my posts short, as often as possible. If they're long, i compensate with humour.

i probably have to rethink my target audience.

sean said...

nice arh your posts. wordy and funny. denial bug, hah!

Gzhang said...

Actually, it's really up to WHY you have your blog in the first place. Are you blogging to be famous? Or are you blogging for the sake of having an outlet to destress?

Many of us lose sight of why we started blogging in the first place and get caught up in the rush to be the next Great Bloggah.

I forgot why I started the blog in the first place and now I'm going back to the original objective which is to let you guys stay connected with my life even if you're on the other side of the earth.

Did you start blogging to please the masses?

taipau said...

i second the hassle picture thing. lol. whats ur target audience now?

cheahwey said...

Sean: good.. Great. But if you weren't my brother you might not have had the patience to finish the whole post, you think?

Gzhang: i started the blog to keep friends and family in the loop with my life, then got attracted to the idea of monetizing my blog and increasing PR for much more attractive rates. Now i'm back to my first objective, except i wish to get conversations going with what i write. My current TA doesn't seem that responsive at times, so im hoping to reach more ppl.

ben foo: TA according to my nuffnang demo poll is malaysian, urban, male and female, students and professionals, english speaking. I quite like it. Maybe i'll forsake the audiences that prefer colour for those who don't mind text. But then again, no one has the patience for long posts anymore, so i'd still have to write shorter posts.
Say, did you learn abt the Long Tail in your course? (Profiting from non mainstream items)

Gzhang said...

Very true. I update and almost no one comments. SIGGGHHHHH.

Must blog more frequently now to regain my readers

taipau said...

@hwey longer posts are ok wert. its fun to read. i drop lines lo so u don feel lonely on the 0 comments pages. lol. yea we didnt learn it but it was mentioned during one of our e commerce lectures. chris something right the guys name for that theory. something bout because there are more items dat appear out side the main stream dat it may become a threat to those with physical store houses and stocks? is it? LoL i oni had a small knowledge of it. puny , correct me if i m wrong

@G-man lol u wan den i mai comment on ur posts lo.

Cathy C said...

HAHA. Not that we don't know about this. You can always do publicity *note:hard core* But over doing it makes you a bitch. Well, that's what I think. Famous people get all of the attention. You can see that when famous blogger or at least quite well known post up pictures of themselves yet not much content, people still reads it and spam their comment box, but people like us, you only get to see 1,2,3,4 and then might stop there. LOL. It's reality.

taipau said...

lol. hwey! ah wah calling u a bitch!

cheahwey said...

Ben Foo: I'm not sure about the threat thing but something about non-mainstream products are profitable in the long run... actually, I've forgotten what it's about now. haha..

Cathy: I learnt in class that the internet is very much (at least part of it) an attention economy and that people are receptive of attention seeking behaviour. What is wrong with them hor? Haha..

taipau said...

@hwey yea something like dat because u don need i house storage for non mainstreams lol. and internet IS pretty much of an attention it self. and almost evrything is trying to be attention grabbing. pop up ads. banners , facebook updates, blogs. twitter. or how tony says it. twitfaces