Sep 3, 2009

We're not inciting hate, we have opinions

Situation: Malaysian politicians hate bloggers.

Argument: The difference between newspapers and blogs is that the former is tasked with conveying information in a "neutral" point of view while the latter has been given the privilege of speaking against government policies.

Conclusion: Our politicians act like children.


sean said...

thats not fair for children :)

cheahwey said...

Used in this context, it's very much about the negative habits of children, and I say that because very rarely do you find children that are sensible, so I think it's fair to generalize lor.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Newspapers in Msia are not neutral also. The Star is owned by MCA. That's why you get a shit load of MCA news all the time. Utusan and all that under UMNO (Right?)? All very biased wan la.

The ideal is to be neutral only. But not in reality ma.

taipau said...

neutral is when we report about an accident in a small village involving all the races. the rest is just politically corrected to their favour

nicole said...

chinese papers all under political party's control also wert