Sep 29, 2009

Sugar Town

Nancy Sinatra

Zooey Deschanel recorded a cover of this as a bonus track for (500) Days of Summer.
Anybody know if a DVD will be out?


Gzhang said...

I love the show! Makes me wanna watch more independent films

cheahwey said...

I can throw a couple your way. Gigantic (John Goodman, Zooey Deschanel), Little Miss Sunshine (Abigail Breslin, Alan Arkin, Steve Carrell), Hard Candy (Ellen Page), I'm not sure if this is indie but Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was an interesting one to watch.

sean said...

ooo like the song...hwey...u getting old like me

cheahwey said...

No no *waves finger*, I don't seek out old songs intentionally.
I prefer to live in the now, part of my humanist beliefs.
But I agree that old songs are pretty good. They give me a "consumerism" vibe though, when people started spending frivolously.