Sep 25, 2009

Status updates a pity party tool

On my Facebook news feed,
I'm such a failure and stupid person... :(

Yes, you are.

What is with the pity party? It's annoying as heck.
Sure, you have your bad days, but if you do it all the time, it just makes you look like a drama queen, pity scavenger... or an insanely sad person.

Sometimes, you'll notice patterns. Pretty useful for social experiments.
Most times, when someone goes "XXX feels like piece of shit," it's almost predictable that people would flock to the update and ask "what's the matter" or "what happened".
Now, what would happen when you introduce a new variable to the mix? Say, a person who replies, "Yes, you are a piece of shit".

Also, these status updates kind of serve as entertainment. Like right now.



Gzhang said...

You should visit

It's like where people highlight people's stupidity. Only it's on FV. Funny stuff.

Gzhang said...