Sep 24, 2009

PAS strikes again!

This time around, those narrow-minded, ethnocentric buggers are out to get Beyonce. She's due for a concert here in October, but I believe the article hinted that the organizers haven't gotten approval for it yet.

PAS Youth's VP, Ahmad Sabki, says, "we are against western entertainment that promotes hedonism. We do not want our youth to be misled".

If PAS takes issue with hedonism, then I think they should know that consumerism is the epitome of hedonism. It's fashion, music, food, etc. It's everything. Why does PAS have to resort to tactics like these in order to be heard?
It's just so sad.

What is their problem with western culture anyway?

I think that nationalism is fuelled by past experiences. But in this century, if you're not on the globalisation/capitalism bandwagon, which have strong ties to Western power, there's no hope in development, isn't it?

If there weren't concerts, shopping centres, McDonald's, Fridays, Forever 21 in Malaysia, we won't be living like how we're living right now. There'd be no material comfort. No tall tall concrete penises too. And forget about "putting Malaysia on the map". *I hate that phrase*.

Why can't they stop holding a grudge?

I believe Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said it best when he said, "it is as if for PAS Youth, the effort to fight corruption, abuse of power and inciting racism is less important compared to the efforts to make sure the young who are just learning to love and wish to be entertained freely are obstructed from enjoying a little freedom".


Gzhang said...

What is their problem with western culture anyway?

It's western. That's the main problem.

Funnily enough, they continuously drive home the point that entertainment shall make the youths lose their faith.

It's amazing how little they have on youths and their hold on religion.

cheahwey said...

Oh, touche!

taipau said...

they bring up all sorts of shit jsut so people noe they exist. politics. no matter where they are . they just bloody think their the onli one capable of saving the world.

but their just fucking it up.

i believe their world would be people sitting in mosque all day and build gigantic onions.

kaeshiuh said...

oh well,look at the bright side , at least we are improving , not them governments. My company's malay senior once told me that it was not the fault of the races that we are not living in a peace and harmony environment but it has been always the politician that is separating us apart .