Sep 8, 2009

Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo Beach, Australia

Mullaloo Beach, Australia

Mullaloo Beach, Australia

Summer's coming and I will have well-deserved fun in November. Patience.


Raymond said...

the third image.. did you use gaussian blur the building or is it just my eyes?

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

RE: Third pic. Photoshopped until damn ugly la Hwey.

lesbo said...

hahah gay 3rd phote dude!

cheahwey said...

Yes, it has been gaussian blurred.
The original bokeh in the photo was crap, so it made the whole thing look very cluttered.

What would you do with it then?

Lesbo: I read your comment, wondered what you meant by gay, went searching at urbandictionary, got this,

often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate. originating from homophobia. quite preferable among many teenage males in order to buff up their "masculinity"

lesbo said...

lol umm.. in dota it means.. imbalance, too powerful, ..there's 25 pages of Gay in that dictionary..

took a 2 hour nap.. feel like shiit!

cheahwey said...

Lesbo: So you meant it as a compliment ah??

Eh Deng and I have been wondering if we should go travel around Australasia after our exams... so, I may not come back so soon! Hehe.

lesbo said...

u totally shud go travel aussie.. sydney melbourne.. darwin. HAhah

i dunno wat it meant.. just felt abit woozy from too lil sleep.. but i didnt mean it in a bad way lol