Sep 12, 2009

Girl talk: Sexual harassment

I'm reading an essay on sexual harassment and that got me thinking about all the harassments I've received over the years. Then I started thinking if I've received any sort of sexual harassments this year and whaddaya know! NONE.

I've been spending pretty much the whole of 2009 in Australia and things have been great. The male cashier chats you up because he's being nice, it's their culture, and it's probably a service courtesy. I've always felt apprehensive about strange men approaching me because of my previous experiences but the men I've encountered here are all really polite and friendly. Lucky me.

I've read that sexual harassment is not about sex but about power and dominance. So what does this imply to Malaysian uncles (and boys) who harass girls?


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Eh. Got la. Didn't someone honk when we were on our way back home from class? At the crossing.

sean said...

guess our members are really small. so we wanna feel good about ourselves.

i was claiming i had a big package,
my american friend jokingly said, thats a lie, cuz ure asian.

hes a strong christian

Jerine said...

I damn hate those construction workers who whistle at me! Sexual harrasment man!

cheahwey said...

Really? I don't recall.

Boys are so insecure.

Ooh, you've got me curious. Australian or Malaysian construction workers?