Sep 17, 2009

1Malaysia F1 Team idea: FAIL

So this morning, I was sitting on the throne, all lethargic and constipated when suddenly, I thought, "God, academia is so elitist. I think I'll lambaste them in my blog".

Then, I couldn't help but wonder if this was what Najib was doing when he decided that Malaysia would have their own F1 team.

Read why this is a bad idea here.

If experience has told me anything, from the millions they are going to spend, a portion will go into a lot of people's pockets, judging by how big the project will be if it goes ahead. The way I see it, this is just one more opportunity for corruption. And not just by government ministers.

The following is what I have to say. GO NARCISSISM!

Doesn't our PM have a degree in Economics? I'm sure he took at least one unit of Marketing? Or at least someone told him how to properly invest money?

Market very good ah now? A lot of money to spend is it? Spend on public infrastructure also better than spending on F1 cars right? So what if you portray yourself as world-class? When people think, "wah, Malaysia has their own F1 team, they must be quite advanced in the automotive industry," and all they see when they arrive in Malaysia is a bunch of washing machine cars that in no way protects you, and a public transportation system that looks like it hasn't been updated in years, what are you going to do?

In my *emphasis* Intro *emphasis* to Marketing class, I learnt that there are several business strategies that a business can adopt. In terms of the various products a company manufactures, they can choose to expand to another category to increase their market share or focus on the field they have expertise in.

Take Sony, for example. They manufacture consumer electronics; Walkmans, phones, laptops, TVs, DVD players, etc. Have you seen Sony branded toothpaste, Sony branded cosmetics or Sony branded beverages? No, of course not. Have they been successful by adhering to their strategy? Yes, I would think so.

Now, I can't think of any other companies who have attempted to increase market share by diving into other product categories, so the next example may deviate from the previous just a little.

Take Traxx FM for example. Who is their target audience? Everyone. Where are their investments focused on? All markets. Are their coffers big enough to promote themselves to everyone? Technically, yes (because it's government-run) but not quite (because of budgeting). Have they been successful so far? Not really, *plug* but they have a good 4-7pm show, Mondays to Fridays *plug*.

To summarise it, Sony has a more focused approach while Traxx FM is pretty confused. In this case, I would liken it to "not knowing what you want". Similar to why I blog about myself instead of focusing on a niche, like photography.

How does this link to the 1Malaysia F1 team? Which by the way, is what Najib wants to call it. I kid you not.
He hopes this venture will help promote Proton/Lotus, 1Malaysia (unity), as well as "raise our country’s profile on the world stage”. I tell you, these politicians ah...

What Malaysia needs right now is focus and some serious prioritizing. He needs to focus on developing the country, not the country's profile. Sure, the insights that foreign experts will bring with our own racing team would be great, but do we really need it right now? Ask any Malaysian and he or she can list you 3 things in the country that needs "fixing".

F1 is better left to the private sector. Why would you want to mix sports and politics? It's like inviting your parents to Facebook, for those who cringe at the thought. If not, it's like wearing black together with brown. They really don't mix well. It's like the recent boycott of the Toronto Film Festival that celebrated the Israeli film community; Hollywood Jews pissed off at Israel and by association, Israeli film makers. It's so unhealthy. [I'm referring to the dragging in of politics into art]

I have to ask, why raise the country's profile some more? You already have your Sepang International Circuit, you already have some of the most ridiculous and outrageous news about Malaysia published in foreign newspapers/sites, and then you have your boobs and penis in KL. Not good enough ah?

Doing the same things the cool kids are doing doesn't make you cool, it isn't status by association, it doesn't make you a developing country. Most times, it's just a house of cards: "fooyoh, LRT so high-tech!" versus "LRT breakdown. Again" or "Cyberjaya, Malaysia's futuristic city" versus "roof leaking, paint peeling, the whole place is falling apart, and nobody goes there".

If you stop trying desperately to shine, and focus on what you can do better, you will by default, shine. Understand my philosophy or not?


*Ynot said...

*Clicks "Like"*

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I don't get what they are thinking la. Najib says if we don't think we can achieve the impossible, how are we going to improve or whatever he said la. All BS.

You aim for the skies so fast for what? Shouldn't he kaotim the country first then only enter into other ventures?

Sometimes I wonder whether they read blogs and comments like these. Or do they just rely on the journalists to scope out the WWW for responses from the public.

I'm worried la. Whether this government will run the country into the ground. A bit over the top la, but can't help but think about it when you read about what the government wants to do.

It's like they're kids wanting to do this and that and not go to school according to schedule. You know what I mean? They can choose to do something in school whenever they want, and sometimes fly themselves, their family and maid to Disneyland and Waterworld to 'learn' about the plumbing.

Don't want to say already la. I wanna go Japan!

taipau said...

follows tony footstep *clicks "likeX1000"*

basicly their just building sandcastle on the beach . people go" wah liao so big the sandcastle , got toilet system some more" an hour later *fuck kita letak terlalu dekat air la* the rest is history. ur toilet system jadi drain. den later monsoon drain den indah water pool.

@teing u arent the onli one worrying. they are takin building castle in the air to a new level and still fuck it up" now its building castle in the air like malaysian politics.

Fuzzy said...

truth is, they don't care, what for they want to do things for us when they can get the benefits themselves? do you think one would be a politician if he thinks for the greater good? he'll be working for wwf or whatever.

politicians, gaining power is the point, not making a country better, duh.

Anonymous said...

Port Klang issue not yet settle, now they are going to create a Second Port Klang here!!!!!! Wake UP!!! B4 Malaysia end up as Corrupted Country!!!

*Ynot said...

What're ya talking about, Anonymous? Malaysia IS a corrupted country.

sean said...

lol..hwey u shd be a country critic.

tkc55 said...

This F1 Team dream is another sandiwara to steal the people's money. Another one is the NS project,millions are spent every year to send 18 year olds to camps. Despite objections by the parents, they turn a deaf ear.

cheahwey said...

tony: i like people who like what i write. hahahaha... i kid, i kid. But thanks.

Deng: hard to say. if only we could compare malaysia in 1957 and malaysia today. how deep is it into the ground?

fuzzy: when you think about it, it's the media coverage that sorta moulds politicians into celebs.

anonymous: Second Port Klang where?

sean: not just any country, must be malaysia! it will always have a special place in my heart, with its dysfunctional MPs and stupid, superficial dreams.

tkc: huh, I've never thought to connect NS with corruption before..

Fuzzy said...

check this out, about 12.5 bil new port klang,

just to remind, malaysia has 2 stupidest Act ever existed: Internal Security Act & Offical Secret Act (Akta Rahsia Rasmi) when people is talking about transparency in democracy we talk about covering things up, and ISA is a creation of Mr Ex-PM Mahathir who some of us still thinks he's Malaysia's savior. he has a history full of disgrace! of course, way back before his golden years.