Aug 10, 2009

Youngsters these days

via LKM @ facebook


_VeL_ said...

Wow. Poor thing.

sean said...

cant see the pic

cheahwey said...

I think it's more of a "you deserved it" than "poor thing" because she sounds like an idiot. heh.

your options:
a. right click > show image
b. reload page
c. go to

Cathy C said... that girl dumb or what?did she do that on purpose?your friend?lol

cheahwey said...

It's taking Facebook for granted because its so prevalent in (most) people's lives.
In traditional communication, the chances of your boss hearing this is much lower because there's the awareness or knowledge that negative statements about your boss or company is supposed to be hush-hush.
But then on the internet, you're connected to said boss and what you do is published, you forget that their there as well.
That's why so many people are getting in trouble for bad mouthing their companies and bosses. And jury members tweeting about court cases.

I'm in an Internet Studies mood.

sean said...

whats LKM

cheahwey said...

it's a friend on facebook. didnt write his full name to respect his privacy.