Aug 15, 2009

Woe is me

Grocery expenditures have went up a bit since we came back. I thought the economy was improving. How is it that prices go up?
No more cheap pizzas, cheap cab fares, heck, even cheap education. Pizza used to cost $5.50 every Tuesday, now it's $5.95. Cucumbers cost $1 more!! Cucumbers!! Now I has no cucumbers in my sandwiches! And that damn washer keeps eating our money!


sean said...

omg...up so much since the 1.5 months u left?!

Raymond said...

Here's your answer to cheap dominos. when you order online, use either one of these codes for 5.50/5.95 pizzas any day (pick up only though), just tested for validity.


I never buy full priced pizza :P and do try the "make your own/designa" pizza, always tastes better (for me anyway).

I think the coupons will expire April 2010, but don't count on me for that :/

-Littlenicky- said...

i failed one paper =( so sad. and im taking only 2 papers

cheahwey said...

Sean: Memang pun.

Ray: Nice... thanks :D

Nicole: Take the supp exam lor.. how?

nicole said...

supp paper? i dare not even tell my dad lah! few mths back before i sat for the paper he said if i fail anything i pay for the resit wor.. =(

cheahwey said...

Resit how much?

Couture Oven said...

GBP 66.


thats like, RM400? can buy Kipling bag edi lo =((

cheahwey said...

Is that you ah Nicole?! Carries your essence man...