Aug 22, 2009

Why do I participate in stupid things?

innit snapshot

Looking at the top ten posts on Innit, I find that Nuffnangers active on Innit are people who don't give a shit about politics probably because:
a. they've given up hope (which really means the end of Malaysian politics as we know it or you know, a better life ahead of us); or
b. they're vapid and fundamentally apathetic; or
c. they actually do read newspapers and get their news from online news sites [Updated]

I don't know, looks like a mixture.
I think Tim Berners-Lee, Doug Engelbart and Ted Nelson would be distraught to know that the Web which they had imagined, central to sharing and collaboration, is now a popularity contest. In this case. Innit. Malaysia.
Because the top posts are "hogged" (because it's true) by the more popular bloggers, you don't get a variety of topics to read about. Like, food review, okay lah. But a new haircut? Do people really care? Apparently, they do. And when that post is pushed to the top, you get more people looking at this person's new haircut, perpetuating the cycle. Can die lor.

And what is with the CAPS and !!!s. Haiyo.
Reminds me of this 12 year old on Yahoo! Answers replacing A's with @s and "me" and "we" with "meh" and "weh".



Deng, the very eveel genius said...

There's one political piece.

cheahwey said...

It's still a minority.