Aug 18, 2009

They're not just treadmills

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The treadmill is a symbol of health, capitalism and a waste of space, no? BUT! Take away all these symbolisms and take a look at the meaning of the treadmill.

Treadmills aren't just machines for exercising, they're products from the generation that feared death and flabby skin. It's a machine that rides on the consumer's motivation to stay alive and desire to look good. Better yet, indoor exercising machines insinuate that you shouldn't exercise outdoors because you're not pretty enough. Yet.

But wait, they have their redeeming qualities as well. With more healthier people, the government can reduce health care costs. You get happier people as well with endorphins pumping like crazy. And at the fundamental level, birth rates may go up because we have so many pretty people strutting their stuff, all toned and beautiful.

So the question is, do we overlook semiotics and lean toward humanism, or do we go all anthropologic and condemn capitalism?

This is what I learn in school. Now I can interpret your every act and judge you. Muahahahahahaa.


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But then again we judge all the time. So...