Aug 31, 2009

A rude awakening

I'm sure it was at the back of your mind but did you know that pretty much everything you do on the web exposes just a little bit more about yourself? In the grand scale of things, you don't really have so-called privacy.

Search engines collect your search queries and if you're signed in to Google, they can attribute that search to a name. Facebook is even worse. They have privacy settings that most people don't know about. Go to Privacy Settings > Applications > Settings and poke around. Think of how much people can see with your current settings.

While you can remove information seen by peers, information you've input into the database of these services gives the service provider rights to use that information however they want. The next time you sign up for a service, take a look at their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You'd be amazed what sort of things you're allowing them to do with your information.

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taipau said...

haha. surveys and quantity checks. popularity or which item, which site, whats the trend and whats hot and whats not. tis and that. yeap haha. we learn that in my first advertising lessons. haha