Aug 13, 2009

The road to vanity is complicated

In the process of selecting a TLD (e.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG), maybe it's just me, but I noticed the degree of vanity that comes with each TLD.

According to GoDaddy:
.COM - “Commercial” and the most widely used TLD on the internet.

.NET - Usually used by Network Providers, but used widely by businesses and individuals for other purposes.

.ORG - Commonly used by non profit organizations.

I perceive .NET to be the least vain TLD amongst the three, followed by .COM and .ORG.
I originally thought .COM was on top but after I saw a description in another registrar's site about .ORGs, I changed my mind. We'll come to that later.

My reasoning for this ranking is that .COM is so prevalent, people want to be affiliated with others using .COM TLDs. What does it mean? It kind of insinuates that you want to hang with the majority and not be seen as the odd one out. .COM was originally meant for commercial activities and was subsequently opened to everyone. Commercial signifies mainstream meaning majority meaning acceptance. Consequently, the first TLD that comes to mind is .COM.

In contrast, those who pick .NET TLDs look like they're taking a step back from the crowd aren't they? The vibe's all humble and sorts. .NET was for network providers and these people are usually geeky and (stereotypically) socially challenged, they're behind-the-scenes people, not very popular.

Now why do I think .ORG tops the vanity scale?
Because I saw this description: "Also used by clubs".
How vain can you get, to register a .ORG domain as a club dedicated to yourself?

*Note that I'm writing this just for kicks, not aimed at anyone in particular. Just trying to apply some things I learned in class today. The last point is bullshit because clearly, there's no merit to that.


Gzhang said...

Don't you have to pay for the TLD?

If it's possible, I wanna move to a TLD. Blogspot's like the training wheels that is just embarrassing after a certain age.

cheahwey said...

Yes, you do. If you want your own hosting+domain, it'll cost between USD 35-40/yr. If just a domain, then it's cheaper. The one I chose was 6.99 for the first year. Subsequent years are 8.99.