Aug 7, 2009

Non-names in blogspot addresses

I was creating a blog for my portfolio just a while ago... Yes, I was doing homework! My course is more fun than yours... and it got me wondering about names. Blogspot addresses, specifically.

If you'd scroll down a little and take a look at my blog roll, literally everyone on Blogspot didn't use addresses that are identifiable.
  • Deng's - you cannot see me iam invisible
  • Mr. GZ's - because it's my take on things
  • Nicole - onion vs ginger
  • Yeang Shin - ys memories (No, "ys" doesn't count)
  • Roberta - Take a bite at my life

Now, why is that?

When I was creating my portfolio blog, I considered excluding my name from the address but thought against it since having it there would help my tutor identify my blog easily.

But look at the blogspot address for: convicted freedom.
It's not identifiable if you didn't already know I was authoring this blog.

Compare "convicted freedom" to "net202 cheahwey".
It would seem I prefer to separate my work and personal spaces.
Why? Is it a security thing ("I don't want my parents to find out about this blog")? Is it a social thing ("my non-name address reflects who I am and what my blog is")? Is it an economic thing ("I want to make moolah")? Okay, definitely not an economic thing. I can't SEO my blog for my life because I don't have a niche.
I'd have to think about that.

Why did you guys use those names for blog addresses huh?


nicole said...

at that time *when starting the blog* i was thinking bout 2 things only : food, and what to name the blog.

then i was thinking of cooking some dishes for dinner.. needs onion and ginger

thats how loh..

After that someone disturbed me i no likey then i created a new hotmail.. thts how the tomato and chilli thing came out also lo.. haha

Gzhang said...

Because my blog reflects my personality.

I made the name of my blog to be 'the Zhang complex' and so when people type in my address, the question of 'Why the Zhang complex?' is answered immediately.

the Zhang complex is what you have when you read my thoughts. BECAUSE it's my take on things!

sleepycarrot said...

My URL used daydreamingdaydreams la. Why? Because I used to daydreams of what daydreams I could, while I was stuck in reality, which was nothing like my daydreams. It's suppose to be a haven of happy and hopeful thoughts la, but turns out I never really write those kind of stuff after all.

And if you're wondering about the Take A Bite At My Life thing, I just thought it'd complement my username - sleepycarrot - at that time. Lame, sure, but I didn't have enough creative juices at that time, and so I've been stuck with it since then.

Yeang Shin said...

lol...i was taking a break from studies so decided to google my own name, see what comes up...n i saw this post of yours. didnt even know u ask me this question.
people always say my name is long or hard to read, so ys sounds easier and shorter. thats why i did ys lor...:D