Aug 25, 2009

The Legend of Neil

And so here I share more shows with you, in hope that I will actually find someone who shares similar interests.

The Legend of Neil Season 1 Episode 1

This web series is hilarious. It's even funnier than The Guild.

Episode 3 involves fornication and an obsessive fairy. I kid you not, it is funny as heck.

It's about a guy who gets sucked into the game The Legend of Zelda and he is to rescue the princess while receiving guidance from an old man called Old Man, who has a twin brother, also called Old Man.


taipau said...

masturbating in to a game? lol. not bad. not bad at all.

cheahwey said...

Not the masturbating part lah.
Season 2 Ep3 is a musical with the horny fairy singing what positions she likes, much to the dismay of a fellow fairy.

taipau said...

i m saying as an overall la. the musical quite hilarious . lol. the other fairy like puking glitter . lol. money making game rocks.

*Ynot said...

reminds me of purepwnage. whatever happened to that one. zelda the game was awesome back then, ahh..

taipau said...

purepwnage still goes on. but a bit slower now i think. lol.