Sep 8, 2009

Facebook Purity Update

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Userscripts Updater
Check for script updates. Applicable for scripts from Auto-update check also available.

Now you can check for updates automatically without having to chance upon it from somewhere else.

Userscripts Updater FAQ

September 4th 2009 update

1. Uninstall old version.
2. Install script here

Rather than a change in the FB code, this time the reason for the update is the new Facebook application for the Iphone, which posts messages to your homepage as if it was a third party application, and therefore gets blocked. Ive updated the script so it no longer blocks messages from the Iphone app. I’ve also altered the code to make it easier to add other applications to your own personal whitelist, which means a list of applications that won’t get blocked by the script. I’ve also added “Selective Twitter” and “Living Social” to the default whitelist. Instructions on how to edit the whitelist

August 26th 2009 update

Install script here

... Yet another code change at FB, means yet another update to the script. Reinstall the script from the link above for the fixed version. If it still doesn’t work after reinstalling, try clearing your browser’s cache, then reinstalling again, as the browser might have cached an old copy of the script. Also check whether you have more than one version of the script running at the same time, you can check this in the Tools/Greasemonkey/Manage Userscripts menu. There should only be one version of the script running, if theres more, uninstall the old version/s.

I've suggested to the AWESOME man making this, about an auto-update feature. Let's hope it's possible because this fills like a filler post.


Cathy C said...

I've heard that they can actually use our picture in Facebook without noticing us in advance. They have the right to do so once you've clicked the 'upload' button. But people still upload it anyway.

cheahwey said...

Yes, there was a news story about a man seeing his wife's picture on an ad on Facebook about a singles dating service.

There's a default setting on Facebook that says you, the user, allows Facebook and apps to use your information and photos in advertisements. The problem with that is Facebook never bothered to notify users of that setting.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Can change wert. Go privacy settings kau tim la.