Aug 12, 2009

Do I really want to work on movie sets?

When I think about how underpaid production crews are, I think about how people like Ryan Seacrest are overpaid.

Wouldn't it be awesome if an actor sets aside a portion of his/her million dollar salary to be paid to crew members? Or you know, a raise would do.

I think therein lies the problem of exploitation of labor. The people on top keep the money to themselves -- drive sports cars, hire drivers, live in mansions -- while the crew works their asses off for dirt and don't even get paid on time (in some cases).


Cathy C said...

i agree! agree on why those people get overpaid and those crew get's imbalance...i mean, without the crew, there won't be a chance for them to stand out also right.

nicole said...

me, soon to be underpaid too! imagine working in a firm for 12 hrs or more with no OT allowance given.. sigh!

sean said...

actually its a matter of supply and demand....

take seacrest for example. Everyone's out there to see handsome *pukes* seacrest on the tv set. Hes the reason the show is selling , and he cannot be replaced.

where as for the crew, anyone can be replaced and the show would still run just as normal.

So if anyone can do your job, you dont really have the power to negotiate.

seacrest can.

cheahwey said...

That's true.
But it'd be really really great if celebs realize that they can afford to forgo a million or two and set that aside for crew members.