Aug 9, 2009

Censor our ministers before censoring porn

I've just read that the government is considering a move to filter the internet off porn and other "bad" elements (Oh God! Is that a man's nipple?! Quick, block that page!). Coincidentally, I was reading an essay about political censorship for my unit tomorrow.
Anyway, I would like to just put this out there, hoping it will stand out amidst the sea of "it's a waste of time and of no use" and "it violates the MSC Bill of Guarantees" comments, this quote by Nart Villeneuve (2006):
Once a national filtering system is in place, governments may be tempted to use it as a tool of political censorship or as a technological “quick fix” to problems that stem from larger social and political issues.

Sounds probable. And I base this on how paedophillic our DPM looks, how overeager our Info, Comm & Culture Minister looks and how shady our PM looks (what with all the implications in criminal activities hor). I may be bullshitting but you can't deny that our ministers tend to take the easy way out for most matters.

What will they block next? The opposition's sites? Anti-corruption sites? God forbid, YouTube, for hosting videos of (keyword:)Malaysian enforcement officers beating up a suspect in custody *hint wink nudge*.
I have to wonder if they've considered how relatively simple it is to circumvent filters though. Because that would already have rendered the filters useless to a percentage of internet users.

** The MSC Bill of Guarantees dictates that the Malaysian government guarantees not to censor the internet as part of a commitment to foreign investors.

I don't know if the title makes sense. In some contexts, yes, it does.

And just to rub it in...

I got this from a government website.


sean said...

droopy nipples.

cheahwey said...

Stating the obvious just makes it look like you're commenting because you're forced to or something..

Nothing to say ah.. never read newspaper leh.

Eh, those two still got argue ah?