Aug 9, 2009

Another memory filed under Student Life

I just thought it was worth noting that I'm sitting in the dark, with only the light from my laptop screen radiating at me because both bulbs available in my room are dead.

** If you're trying to induce seizures, please don't watch the video. I'm not claiming responsibility for it **

It gets kinda creepy (either way) at 2am onwards.

Greg Laswell

Since I'm feeling so blah in the dark (and reading about internet censorship), I guess I'll share a cover of Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Greg Laswell. For those unaware, the song's original singer is Cyndi Lauper.
If you're busy twiddling your thumbs, maybe you should check out the original version. It's worlds apart.


sean said...

get new lightbulbs lar..its bad for the eyes when the only lightsource comes from the laptop

cheahwey said...

I know I know.. Im getting it on Monday.

lesbo said...

the only seizure u gonna induce with that light is the seizure to induce seizures.......... waaaaaahahaha.. light blinking too slow la.. i stared at it in the dark also nothing!

cheahwey said...

You try sitting here and watching the light blink lah.. painful i tell you