Jul 24, 2009

We're squabbling about adult stuff now

I was having this conversation with my Brother and Mum about how the Science stream is perceived to be above others. In other words, I think the Science stream, if it were a person, has a superiority complex.

But of course, schools aren't helping my cause either because they are segregating students based on their PMR results which now when you think about it, is totally baseless. Do you remember how people kept telling you (and how you now tell others) that what you achieve in your PMR does not reflect what you would achieve in your SPM? Uh huh. See what I mean? I'm a walking example (so are my other friends who got only two As). HIGH FIVE!

At that point in life (age 15), there are only a handful of students who know what they want to do in life. Some know they want to be businessmen and make tons of moolah, some want to be dentists, etc. Good for them. But for the rest who are clueless, most of them drift to the Science stream (if their results allow), while the rest go to the Arts because they heard from others that it's easier than the Science (and if their results disallow). Once again, another branch of the result-oriented mentality. I mean, I do have this mentality, but I realized that results don't mean zilch if you have a poor character. Although, this realization came at a really bad time - Form 5, the year of SPM.

Okay, apparently the government is aiming for a 60:40 ratio of Science to Arts students. Maybe that's why schools base it on results. But then you can't change something without changing the attitudes, opinions and beliefs of people. Maybe then did the notion that Science was better than Arts was developed.

DAMN IT! My siblings are bugging me. I can't continue writing.


taipau said...

i got one A !! :P XD.
yea , its superiority theory is purely man made.
most people think science is harder to study, thats why is more respectable to give them a higher acknowledgement. . . well lets think of it this way. an amoeba or how ever u spell it alwys looks the same. so is the spiral DNA thing. they got their fancy scientific names which sounds cool in some way but just because u are able to memorize them well doesnt make u above all ~

mom's always been buggin me why i couldnt be a dentist like my older cousin or studying med like some of my friends. i always tell her.

"mom, i don wanna learn how an amoeba looks like ~ i wanna draw smiley faces on them!"

and puhleeaze, do u actually think i could become a doc?

Fahriee said...

Interesting. I never really gave this subject much thought.

I was from the Science stream myself, came from the best class, but look at what I'm doing now. Not engineering/medic/any cliche money-generating profession that parents want their kids to take up, but photography. Which is art.

People have to change their mindset. Taking art doesn't necessarily mean "derr-i'm not bright enough for numbers and formulaes". Some of the brightest minds in the world dabble in art, no?

Thanks for the thought provoking post, Cheahwey. Cheers. :]

-Littlenicky- said...

eh really lo my parents wanted me to go into science stream so badly and i made it and they were so proud of it.

you know how much my dad wants me to be a nurse right? or somehow land in one of the medical field..

When I was still working at hotel he complained day and night saying wasted lah studied science but now not making good use of all the knowledge u learned blablabla..

but then now, im doing accounting, he said nothing but good good good and not realising that accounting is not science.

Aksel said...

Science is much strongre preasured onto us 15-16 year olds,

My parents for one, are good example of succesful "scientists"

and im looking into that carrer because,
A) im not good with art,
B) im good with facts and numbers,
so for me, I'm going the "easy" way for me.

To me its in no way above the other, since to me the other would be more of a challange to me personal.

// Aksel