Jul 29, 2009

It's amazing!

I've been back for almost a week and nothing's ticked me off yet!
Oh no, wait. There's one. My sister. **
*I felt very Jeremy Clarkson, right there.

Ingrid Michaelson

(For some odd reason, after editing the pitching changed, making her sound manly. Tried fixing it but you're better off playing the song from her Myspace page.)

She's back with a new single while her new album, Everybody, will be released on the 25th of August. The full song's streaming on her Myspace page, go check it out. And frak, she's touring the US. I'm so jealous.

And of course, Avril's fourth album is due in November.
2009 is a good year.

** Kidding lah. But it's true in various miniscule ways.

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sean said...

nice song