Jun 27, 2009

Write properly lah!

While you mourn the death of a legend, there's a batch of extra moronic terrestrials professing their love for that same legend they never loved.

What I'm saying is, while some of you grew up listening to songs by the man (and probably witnessed his fall from grace), the others are just jumping on the MJ's-dead-gotta-write-about-it bandwagon.

Some of these posts resemble extractions, if not, paraphrased sentences from Wiki and various news articles. It's pathetic. I've come across a couple of postings and it felt like I was reading a mandatory blog post "paying tribute" to a dead celeb. Mundane! Half of them probably didn't even really know who Farrah Fawcett was (except for that Charlie's Angels bit), yet there they were telling the world that "another star died today".

I get that some people feel compelled to talk about current news, especially when it involves A-list celebs, but come on, do it with a bit of dignity! Some of these posts are downright disgraceful as eulogies to a man who entertained us all with his bizarre antics and awesome moon-walk-crotch-grabs. Some of them didn't even have a photo of the man in their posts. Can you say, "shoddy work"?

Even on Facebook, you see this crap.
You have people who probably didn't give two hoots about the man when he was alive, now going all "RIP Michael Jackson. We will always remember you". What kind of hypocrite are you? The narcissistic kind? If you think harder, beneath the status updates, it's really about the attention. But I digress.

Look, no one's going to persecute you for writing about it (except for me), but if you're going to join the gold rush, at least make an effort to write something worthy, so it doesn't seem obvious that all you want is site traffic.
Now get out there and write proper eulogies, you slimy bastards!


Chili Crab said...

C'mon, picture is not the matter. Post a picture does not mean you are super duper fans of MJ who head over heels over him. I did not post a picture of him. So what? I still listened to his songs and even own his video!!! Wtf. Yea, undeniably, many people started to post about how much they like MJ. But, don't you think there are many people who started to write about how hypocrite those people who wrote about MJ?

Cathy C said...

are you talking about me??o.O but I posted that because of how i felt..anyway, I only know Farah Fawcett in Charlie's Angel. Read the news from the internet btw..chill laa

taipau said...

way to go girl! u speak true! lol tony would love tis!

sleepycarrot said...

OMG. What you said... I just kept that exact thought in my head... Hahaha...

cheahwey said...

Chili Crab:
The picture sentence was an afterthought, in case it wasn't obvious. My point was that ppl were hypocritical but the thing that ticked me off most was the quality of their posts.

I would think the amount of ppl commenting on hypocrites aren't as many as the hypocrites since not a lot of ppl have the balls to say so.

And good for you, you're not a hypocrite then.

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