Jun 9, 2009

What does "be yourself" mean?

Frida Hyvonen

I can imagine this song playing on Grey's Anatomy.
Apparently Frida Hyvonen's "Pop/Comedy/Chinese Pop". Interesting.

One thing people keep telling us is to be ourselves. But what does it mean to be ourselves? Don't put on a front? Sure, that must be it. But if you think about it some more, being yourself may mean staying firmly on your seat when you see an old lady get on the bus, then get judged for it. The paradox of being yourself is when we are told to be ourselves, what they really mean is, be what society expects us to be. If society doesn't accept our true selves, they question you as a person.

I've had people telling me to be myself and I have to say, I'm being myself more than I'd like to be, and at times, I'm not myself either because of that. People who don't know me think I'm cold and hot-tempered. (Oh look, an irony).
I always show up in jeans and tees, people say I'm a tomboy or something. I'm all for embracing femininity at this stage of my life but I just don't think wearing skirts AND heels AND a handbag is such a good idea. It's not like they're comfortable anyway. More so, a safety hazard.
I like to listen and observe, people think I'm unfriendly and proud. Oh, and weird. I was at my aunt's place a few years ago, watching their goldfishes, looking at how one fish was attacking another and the dynamics of aquarium fish society. Someone suggested to me that it was pathetic. So now I busy myself when I'm with people I don't talk to much.
I'm a little too honest for my own good, and I criticize like a bitch. It gets me in trouble and fights sometimes but what am I supposed to say? I don't want to lie. I know it's hard to hear the truth and at least I try to give it to them gently. Although, depending on situations, it might be delivered as part of a joke. In instances where I'm highly aware of social etiquettes, I'm just not myself, all too aware of judgement raining down on me.

Sometimes you try to be yourself but some people just don't get or accept you. It's a really big step because you're putting yourself out there and when they criticize you, they're really criticizing every fibre of your being. I think the whole "be yourself" concept doesn't quite work in the big picture but on a smaller scale, people around you may appreciate you for it.

Do I still want to be myself after writing three paragraphs on the subject? I'll have to think about it.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Actually I thought that three paragraphs could've been the product characteristics that influence rate of adoption.

cheahwey said...

Are you trying to be funny??
What page is "product characteristics that influence rate of adoption" in? I don't see it.

_VeL_ said...

OMG. Teing study until sot already.

And Hwey, be yourself la. You say your things, behave the way you're comfortable of. People can't take it, then it's their problem la. Sometimes I also can't take your words, it's me who can't take it. So no point changing yourself for others.

cheahwey said...

Maybe I should do a poll. See how many hypocrites and true believers are out there. Hahaha.

Don't worry, you're a true believer, sista. *wink*

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Under buying decision process for new products. Chapter 5.