Jun 10, 2009

Now's not the time for excitement

I'm so not going to score in my exam, I'm getting distracted by The Veronicas and their YooToob videos.

Two things I'm getting excited about: the aeroporto and my hair.

Images of the airport keep appearing in my head. Then I dream about what I'm going to do when I get there; check out the duty-free shops, contemplate between koala chocolates or kangaroo jerky, get grossed out by kangaroo jerky, try some Red Rooster (finally!), stone in my seat.
I can't wait to get home now. I hear we have some pretty bitchin' weather back in KL. Why isn't the thunderstorm blowing away the haze though? Speaking of thunderstorms, it looks like it's still going to be raining when I get back. What's a plane ride without some turbulence eh? *hurls*
My hair is going to curl like heck when I get off that plane. The humidity tends to fuck up my hair, y'know? Maybe I should use my Sunsilk leave on conditioner.

My currently-not-so-rockin'-but-still-pretty-awesome hair
I want to get my hair done when I get back.
I'm thinking: layer it (not sure if it's long enough though), maybe straighten a couple of the tips or emphasize it by trimming that area, trim the fringe, then do some highlights (what colour?). But my current hairstyle is a little flat for that look, gotta give it some volume. And the front end of my hair is longer than the back because of my bob but I reckon the end result will look pretty smashing. Hope my frizzies won't screw up the whole look.
Mum told me about this salon in Sunway or somewhere that charged my aunt Rm100 something for a perm and a cut and a dye. That, or I'm just making that up. Someone, go with me!

In other news, I've finally learnt to put on eye-liner! Just very simply.
A massive step into the world of womanhood considering I didn't know my eye-liner from my mascara. Next, I will conquer mascaras and coloured lip gloss/balm!


_VeL_ said...

I wanna get my hair done with something else! You let me know when you confirm there's this place cost RM100 something for these 3 services. HAhaHA. Damn cheap. XD

lesbo said...

I want chocolates hwey.. im craving chocolates.. get me chocolates!!!.. i need something to snack on at home since im home most of the time now!

cheahwey said...

You can get more from PJ lor. Chocolate selection here is lousy. There's really nothing special in Perth except for the kangaroo meat and opals.

lesbo said...

chocs with NUTS!

cheahwey said...

Eh, wouldn't it be a better if you just bought nutrageous? Perth only those few Cadbury and Mars brands... sien lor.