Jun 17, 2009

Malaysia boleh!

While the authorities are "freaking out" over swine flu transmission at KLIA, they might want to pay some attention to the screening system at the LCCT.

On the plane, passengers are given Health Declaration Forms to fill. They ask if you've been in contact with H1N1 patients, have you had any flu-like symptoms, have you just came from a country with H1N1 contamination as listed by the WHO and so on, pretty simple form. When I get to Customs at the LCCT (I was in line for the autogate), on the counter, sits a stack of papers and hanging down below was an A4 makeshift signage of "Health Declaration Form letak sini". Behind the counter, the Customs officer looks busy. I put the paper on top of the stack and go through the automated process of "checking in". Once I'm out, I turn around to see the officer reading the newspaper. Never once did she glance up.

If our first line of defence is going to be like that, I can't wait to see what we're going to do when local transmission of the flu increases *mock excitement*!


Shan said...

exactly. they don't care.
KLIA is the same.

_VeL_ said...

Mine was even worst.i went through that check in autogate thingy and forgot about the form. Then only i remember i was holding it. ONLY i passed it to the officer. I wonder does he even cares if I didn't pass it to him. Sigh.