Jun 16, 2009


For some insane reason, I was surrounded by midgets that squeal and cry and look cute, with no where to hide but between them.

First there was the Malaysian kid. Then an Aussie kid (who's so friendly you could die) came and said "hi" to them Malaysian kids. Response was lukewarm at first but by the third visit, the Aussie cutie and the Malaysian kid were fast friends. I look the other way and there's someone reading a magazine with a picture of a child on its cover. Seconds later, a baby stumbles by with his mother. It was one baby after another.

I got to sit beside a sitter with two young boys on the plane. Sure enough, I was showered with constant screams, squeals and crying. Trying to sleep has never been so difficult. Trying to stare into the LCD screen without a baby screaming was pretty much impossible.

You know what, I'll cut my story short. I'm exhausted.
IT WAS A VERY LONG TRIP HOME. It was supposed to be a five and a half hour long trip. Felt like fourteen.

Oh, I got "randomly selected" to be tested for residue from coming in contact with explosive materials. They used "tongs" and a cotton pad and ran them through my limbs then put it in the "sniffer".
I think it was because my jacket was zipped up to the top. Who knows what could be under those things...

The past month has been very taxing on my health, so I'm going to have to rest. I haven't slept in ... I can't count anymore. I need sleep.

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