Jun 3, 2009

I built a lightbox

I've been busying myself these past two days building a lightbox. The design's by David from Strobist.




I used my desk lamp and the camera's flash as light sources but it wasn't very good. It'd have been much easier if I had more lights and maybe thinner tracing paper.

Nokia N73 Music Edition

Everybody loves Scotch tape.

This apple is making its way down my digestive tract as we speak.

Yeah, I don't have that many trinkets in my room.


Raymond said...

I like how you used IndoMie's box to build it :D I might build one myself once I get really really bored since I've got a couple of boxes laying around the kitchen area.

cheahwey said...

Make sure you get a bigger box! Haha, it's kinda cramp in there, limits the items you can put in.

Gzhang said...

So cool! Tempted to make one!

cheahwey said...

Well you could, if you'd just take a teeny tiny break from your AIESEC stuff (I presume its your aiesec activities?).

Gzhang said...

AIESEC doesn't hog ALL my time.

I'm just lazy. Heh.

Still working on getting the flash though.