Jun 1, 2009

How to remove Facebook quizzes

[Read the update on June 25, 2009.]

Since Facebook decided to go all Live Feed on us, we've been smothered with quiz results that we don't give two hoots about. A few of our brethren have gone berserk on their status updates, cursing this inundation of useless information.
Ah, but we are saved!
One very awesome guy wrote Facebook Purity, a script to remove stupid quiz results and application messages from external developers. It also works on Chrome and Opera and runs on Greasemonkey, a Firefox add-on.

Facebook Purity Snapshot

To use Facebook Purity with Firefox:
1. Install Greasemonkey Firefox add-on. You'll have to restart Firefox.
2. Install Facebook Purity.
3. Done!

Word of caution: don't install scripts that you don't trust. They can be really nasty.


Gzhang said...

My FB page is sooooooooooooo much cleaner now!


No more annoying chinese quizzes

Or those 'when will you die' quizzes.


Raymond said...

It bloody works! Cheers for that!! Will blog about it soon :)

cheahwey said...

Yes it does! More happy people on Facebook!