May 31, 2009

We were ntv7 but they made us RTM

First, I want to address the changing of "Campfire" to "Cultural Night" in Scouting events in Malaysia. Ever wondered why they had to fix something that wasn't broken? Here's a few keywords to get you going: racial integration, bangsa Malaysia, Malaysian culture. Oh yes, part of the government's plan to supposedly bring us together as one when there they are separating themselves with their UMNOs, MCAs and MICs. And the Lain-lains.

Then there are the bunch of stupid rules they have about Cultural Night events, no drums, no rock, no boy girl contact, possibly no jumping too. I'm convinced the Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry had a hand in this (read: Avril Lavigne's KL concert drama). It's like we have to keep things outdated and kampung, only that we're in a city. Hello?

Another thing with campfires are themes. Why is there even a theme involved? Sure, it's for decor and provides direction but combine themes and the "cultural" aspect, it doesn't gel. The campfire this year is Supernova ~* An Explosion of brilliance*~. (Holy shit, they even used stars and symbols.) So, put that and the cultural aspect together... Baju Melayu's with stars on them? Noooo. Traditional dances? Sure that's what's going to happen but I eww to that too. Maybe dances that start traditionally and then breaks out into the 21st century. Hell yeah!

Campfires aren't what they used to be. We used to be able to do fun things; play awkward Night Walk, play Family Game where there's actual boys and girls in the family (hey, I'm all for same sex marriages but the rule is ridiculous), dance (I may not dance but I do enjoy choo-choo training around)! They're so boring now and you can't even charge for entrance anymore. Like hello, we have to fund this shit somehow right?
Scouting is doomed.


nicole said...

oops. thts me. hehe. click wrongly.

Anonymous said...

haha wanted to talk bout this one lor!

cannot charge for entrance anymore meh?

actually i dunno want to go or not. cause all i know i will be there sitting and complaining. Summor u'r not there! =(

TaiPau! said...

haha. nicole u goin ar? lol confirm boring la. cause of all the restriction and fun. its like entertainment for outdated adults!

cheahwey said...

but then you think lah, what if it's awesome? then you're gonna miss out. besides, got free food ma. and then you can take tons of pictures for me to see. but please, use a proper camera, not a phone ah.

nicole said...

ah hwey ah hwey,

tonnes and tonnes of restrictions leh.

1) U know lah, here so warm, cannot wear skirt to CN summor.. ok lah, i know its allowed.. the thing is, i dont have any knee length skirts and i dont like wearing knee length skirts cuz they make me look stubby. Nowadays I dont wear pants/jeans anymore lor

2) No more all the good old games.

3) No fun ppl around. *points at you*

4) It's a saturday night. and after my exam. dont u think i;d very much prefer to go out somewhre else with someone else more happening?

5) FOOD. what kind of food are they going to provide us? dont forget eh our year we give High-5 bread, and summor now they're not allowed to charge money, no capital return.. so.. maybe even lousier food i suppose? dont u think i might rather go out eat something nicer with bird's mum (if his dad is on work trip lah otherwise gotta stick to chinese)

6) ok pictures. unless u manja manja me a bit.. then i might consider going lor, help u take some pictures let u see see a bit. But then again, u can depend on ppl like siokwah sim ai and etc?


cheahwey said...

Okay, all points except 1 and 3 are valid.

1. Just wear jeans lah. Where got so hot wan.
3. You think I'm fun?
HAHAHAHAHAHA.. almost died. *抱抱*

nicole said...

i dont wear jeans dont wear pants. only shorts and skirts.. seriously.. cover cover damn stuffy wan! other than college, i wont wear jeans edi unless got nothing to wear..

well, we had fun together most of the time.. no?

cheahwey said...

Oh, I thought you meant fun as in active fun..
In that case, yep, we do have fun together. I like hanging out and then sleeping. Haha. I remember once we did that in the old house. Just hung out and slept.