May 14, 2009

Told you I couldn't stay away

Angela Aki

I first saw Angela Aki on a pretty frackin' huge TV in a Sony showroom in Odaiba. Awesome visuals and sound, the TV.
I don't remember much but her performance was so good, I made a note to look her up when I got back home. Alas, I forgot or just didn't get to doing it.
I don't know what the heck I was doing today but I looked her up and spent half a GB on it when I should've been studying. Like always.

I think she's fundamentally Indie, although her studio albums are very much Pop, as are a lot of the mainstream Japanese singers.
This song is a collaboration between her and Ben Folds (I posted a song of his, featuring Regina Spektor some while ago). Both Ben and Angela wear thick black glass frames.

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