May 22, 2009

Plaque - My worst tooth-mare

I need a trip to the dentist real bad. No, not a toothache or anything. I just need to get them cleaned. There's tartar build up around my teeth and I can't stand it. Ever since my visit to the dentist last year, I've gotten a bit anal about dental hygiene but my routine faltered because of my workload. Disgusting.

All those years in primary school when nurses taught us to brush our teeth, albeit begrudgingly, did pay off. I miss the ultrasonic, supersonic, whatever sonic tool Dr. Yap used to clean my teeth. I miss the feeling of clean teeth, damn it.
You know what would be fun and educational? Search "tartar teeth" on Google. It's gonna be awesome!

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tkc55 said...

You can make an appointment to see Dr Yap when you come back during year end... Just hang on there!