May 7, 2009

I'm stickin' to my word

I wanted to whoop some virtual ass on Facebook this morning but alas, Facebook's mobile site had limited options so I couldn't finish what I needed to do before the actual whooping.

I said I would untag/unsubscribe myself from a certain comment thread if another stupid message appears in my inbox (note: this dude was spamming very much like a child, so about 40 or so people's inboxes were filled with email notifications from Facebook).

Lo and behold, he had the cajones to say,
There is a stupid message i received saying to untag itself, annoying hor? She can actually disable it from the facebook settings.

which of course ticked me off.

Why should I disable notifications just because of one person? What about other photos where spammers don't exist? Kinda like, why the fuck should I give up an entire vegetable farm because of one worm? God, I love analogies.

So, about two hours later when I finally get to a computer to begin my awesome rendition of "fuck you, go to hell", he posted an apology (which of course, I read with disdain), retracting his statement, asking to excuse what he said because he was just fooling around.

But see, if everyone could post libelous/offensive statements and retracted them as per their liking, the world would be an awesome place to live in, wouldn't it?

I've decided to have the last say and untag myself from that photo which now brings back horrible memories instead of innocent ones (*snorts* yeah right). And I'm going to use some sentences from this rant because I think they're powerful and sarcastic.

FB rant

I just needed to document this so I can remember how I/my online alter-ego (slowly becoming one and the same really. Then if I kill my alter-ego, would I be committing suicide?) can't tolerate idiocy.
Ten years down the road, I think I might enjoy this. Or maybe I would start wondering what ticked me off so bad. Was it the spammer, the spammerfest or just PMS? Heck, it might have been the catalyst, made me blow my fuse. Stressful period in school, y'know?

No more animosity.


Raymond said...

just untag yourself, delete the friend. End of spam.

-Littlenicky- said...

ok now i know what happened. haha..

was wondering why u'r so angry haha

cheahwey said...

I really hate socializing right now.
Fuck people and their complicated emotions, playful or otherwise.

School sucks, life sucks, homework sucks, people suck. Everything sucks. Except for puppies.

TaiPau! said...

haha, yes except for puppies indeed

Jason O said...

My dog obviously didn't contemplate. A great life indeed.

Gzhang said...

Just stop the updates from this person then. Block if possible. Just hearing about it itches my deleting fingers.

cheahwey said...

So even after I untagged myself, I still got notifications. I realised because it was a photo posted in a group and I'm still a member of that group so I still get them. It's a primary school class group, see.

I can't stop the updates without quitting the group but quitting is so drama queen.

Changing the notification settings would stop notifications from other groups (which I like) as well.

Gzhang said...

You're afraid people will think you're being a drama queen?

How uncharacteristic of you. Just quit the group and be done with it.It's causing you a hassle. One that you don't find necessary to tolerate. So, deal with the problem as you normally would.

cheahwey said...

You're afraid people will think you're being a drama queen?
How uncharacteristic of you.
I'm so glad you said that, it means you KNOW me. Ah, Guo Zhang, I need to give you a hug!

Except it's not that I'm afraid what they would think of me, it's just, the situation hadn't gotten to the point where I would wanna quit just yet.

But that was before reading your comment.

In fact, it's spring cleaning time for my facebook page. Not like there was much to begin with anyway.

But thanks for the suggestions, all.

nicole said...

HAHHAHAA one week din check mail.. i got 200 over new mails in my inbox!!!


TaiPau! said...

haha true that zhang. lol. ppl lik tat exist don they, lol wait till it really goes off den u can delete the group la. others probably find it annoying oso la . wat a loser