Apr 28, 2009

My head could just roll off my neck

Ugh, I'm all sore from lugging heavy equipment around. Okay, not around; 400m to and fro with breaks in between.

We just had our continuity exercise shoot. Lighting bugged the hell out of me. I'm a much happier person as an inexperienced drone, sigh.

I know I'm supposed to be taking a break from blogging but I feel as though I've finished that shit load of homework I had. But nah, I'm not done yet. A student's work is NEVER done.

Just had pictures and I wanted to post them. Not really good ones though. And to think, I had 3 damn lights (future reference: Lilliput lighting kit) in the room but I couldn't get a decent shot.

Continuity Exercise

Continuity Exercise

I might see a Mark Sloan lookalike next week. Yay.


Jason O said...

Here's a tip: bounce that little rascal on to some bigger surface like a cardboard, wall, or polystyrene. You'll have bigger light and softer shadows. Play around with the distance of the light to subject too;)

cheahwey said...

Thanks for the tip :)
Lighting is sorta easy to understand in theory but when I get to the practical part of it, it just becomes a little more difficult to make happen.

Gzhang said...

Eh, you get to play with big lights.

I want!

cheahwey said...

Big lights that burn if you're not careful but definitely a perk! :D

Jordan said...

I never occur to me, what ori Aussies looks like among us. lol.

cheahwey said...

Whaddaya mean? Like, when Asians outnumber an Aussie?