Apr 8, 2009

Mind reader: Akinator, Web Genius

It's been out since 2007 and I've only stumbled upon it today.

Akinator, the Web Genius

On the menu on the left, click Play.

You're supposed to think of a character either real or fictional and answer the genie's questions so he can guess.

I guessed Cookie Monster and it got it right. Hahaha...


The rationale is the more popular your chosen character is and the more similar the answers you supplied the genie is with its database, the more accurate the genie's answer.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I thought of Clint Eastwood and he gave me Nicholas Cage. He says, "Bravo! You have defeated me."

XD Yay.

cheahwey said...

I think you didnt answer his questions correctly. I got clint eastwood wor.

Gzhang said...

Ehhh, this is quite cool! It managed to guess James Marsdenand Optimus Prime! But thought Hugh Grant was Daniel Radcliffe. Pffft.

cheahwey said...

The genie guessed right with Hugh Grant, for me. Haha.. he struggled though!