Mar 6, 2009

Scarlet's web

After a pretty satisfying dinner, the roomies and I went outside to chill.

I was taking pictures of the moon when I spotted this humongous spider and its humongous web up in a tree.

Giant Creepy Spider

Giant Creepy Spider

Giant Creepy Spider

Roomies, say "hi":
Vel: *silence* *edit: she's being anti-social*
Deng: Hwey liked somebody from Samad when she was about 16-yrs old. She never told me!! To Bernard, I miss you baby! =)

*I'm rising above; no censorship, giving them their space to say something hor.

Giant Moon

Good night.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I just realised, I typed wrongly. What i meant to say was..

"... She told me once! But I forgot who the guy was."

sean said...

wow look at the crater of the moon.

cheahwey said...

Full moon on March 11. I'm going to try shooting again then.

Cathy C said...

who was that??me wanna know XD