Mar 27, 2009

My new lip balm smells funny

Great Northern

I've decided to reduce the length of songs so it will load faster and keep the sizes small. The bitrate for all samples are 64.

Great Northern's pretty good. Check out their album, Remind Me Where The Light Is.


Raymond said...

is it just me or all your recent embedded songs don't play in firefox? oh and can u watch the slideshow in my blog? :/

cheahwey said...

I'm using firefox wor and i used java for the embed code. I'll try flash next time and you let me know if it works k.

Yes, slideshow works. Pic of Lana was cute.. she let you post that?!

Raymond said...

doesn't play for me :/ yeap she did, but she doesn't find the shot good. I think it's one of the better ones though. Ah wells, different eyes.

Raymond said...

oh and i also changed it back to the original one with a link to the music one to download. thanks btw!