Mar 17, 2009





It's so hard to find nice clean grass back home. And I mean grass that you can lie on without worrying too much about getting dirty.


tkc55 said...

yeah hor, reminds me of the so irritating cat pooh outside our old house... what a nuisance

_VeL_ said...

i feel the background should be clear instead of that steel in second picture. it would look more nicer lo. that bus is classic okay. HahahaHA

cheahwey said...

It's classic from the outside lah.. I suppose I wanted ppl to guess what they were looking at when I took the picture.

lesbo said...

uumm im guesssing its a... Pole Dancing Training Centre.. hwey hwey..din know you had it in you.. hahaha

cheahwey said...

Ooo, Lesbo, I didn't know you had it in you too... Horny ah, Mr. Gan.