Mar 25, 2009

If there were a fire, I'd be dead

*emergency alarm goes off* *it's a pretty damn scary sound*

Okay...uh.. uh.. Earthquake!... Japan?.... no... uh... Tornado!... US?... no either... Fire!... I'm in Australia! Oh riiiight! *gets off bed*

That's pretty much what went on in my head when I was rudely awoken by that blaring noise. It really did instil fear in you.
EXCEPT, we didn't quite make it out of the house. The alarm stopped.

When the alarm stops going nuts, it gets you wondering, if this were an emergency situation, why the heck would the alarm stop?
Apparently the red light outside our units would still be on no matter what but that was off too. Then there was the idea that the adjoining unit might be the one with trouble so our alarm would go off. But no. No sight of a fire truck either.

Was it a drill?? Are fire trucks involved in drills? No idea.

Hey, at least now I know to wear bra in case of emergencies.


Eddie said...

Hey, at least now I know to wear bra in case of emergencies.

dont quite get it, but it got me reading =]

_VeL_ said...

eddie: if she doesn't wear bra to sleep, she'll running out from the house with no bra on.

hwey, i didn't wear lo. just a singlet. so get a singlet plus your tee.
but seriously, that alarm is blardy scary. -.-

_VeL_ said...

and you didn't go back to sleep? i slept back like a pig. so tiring like that. woke up by an alarm and sleep back.

Couture Oven said...

aiya no need so mafan wan lah. just unbuckle ur bra to sleep lah.. keep it hanging only lo..

anyway, ppl there.. boobs way bigger than asians.. can see tits also no feel lah.. summor at night


cheahwey said...

Some girls prefer not to wear bras to bed :)

You had two layers?
I'd've worn a thick black shirt.
I couldn't go back to sleep. I kept getting reminded of that stupid sound and what I have to do next time.
Take phone and card and get out of the house!

But I don't want to accidentally lie on top of the cups lah.. nanti distort the thing.
It was 11am. Besides, the alarm can go off at any hour of the day. That's why, "Wear bra in case of emergencies". Not so decent when the weather's getting colder xD

sean said...


Passport and documents that your university uses to sponsor you should be kept in a box or a folder you can take immediately when emergency.

i think i will take my laptop.


Shan said...

Hahaha last time when my hostel alarm rang I was bathing and it was raining heavily so the only thing I thought was of finishing my bath first. Hahah stupid I know

cheahwey said...

There's so many things I want to bring with me in case of an emergency.. my HDDs, docs, phone, laptop, CAMERA, a couple of CDs...

cheahwey said...

Holy crap, was it a drill or the real deal???

Shan said...

cheahwey: neither. Coz it was raining to heavily, the alarm was faulty HAHA

tkc55 said...

So did anyone actually find out what went wrong? Anyway, you may want to keep your important documents together with your camera(bag),in case of emergency, you can just grab the camera bag and run out of the place. And on your way out, dont forget Deng. also you should upload your phone contacts to your hotmail acc like we did for our passports etc.. so can retrieve when you lost them.

cheahwey said...

Well you'll be glad to know that I didn't forget either of them when the alarm first rang.

We still don't know why... I don't think we're bothering. I think maybe we shouldn't since we didn't evacuate :p