Mar 29, 2009

I make awesome grilled cheese sandwiches

Royal Wood

This song appeared in Grey's Anatomy last week.

I've used a flash embed code instead of javascript. Hopefully it'll work for everyone. If on the first click it doesn't play, click again. If it still doesn't play (the file may be downloading), give it a few seconds and click again. In fact, go crazy on it until you're certain it doesn't work. Let me know.


sean said...

if youve watched it:

"blow hole" became pretty goodlooking.

basically this is what the song is about.

cheahwey said...

I think Izzie's mom is going to show up in the next ep.

By keeping Izzie alive now, I think they're trying to throw us off the scent (of Izzie having to die). Then they're going to kill Izzie off, either succumbing to her illness or she was just fine and a complication killed her.

Damn, I need to stop speculating.

Raymond said...

The song works :) But i dont like it :P