Mar 30, 2009

He broke her fall, she broke him

Love is a funny thing.
Really, the irony is killing me (no pun intended).

Love really hurts

March 30, 2009
Article from: The Australian

BEIJING: A Chinese man died after attempting to catch his girlfriend as she jumped from the seventh floor of an apartment block in the southeastern city of Quanzhou, local media reported.

The young man held out his arms to break the woman's fall as she plummeted from their apartment.

Witnesses reported seeing the man on the street below the apartment, trying to persuade his girlfriend not to jump.

He was killed by the impact of his girlfriend landing on top of him. The woman suffered bone fractures and other serious injuries.


_VeL_ said...

so pity meh? that guy so cham eh. and the girl is not dead. haih.

-Littlenicky- said...

both should die together ma.. then bury together..


this is a real sad love story.

at least die together can consider happy ending

sean said...

please tell me that the girl was being selfish.

Elisabeth said...

the girl was being selfish

cheahwey said...

She's either really brave for jumping or just really hopeless.

tkc55 said...

Nicole, you out of your mind? How can 2 poor souls in this case, die together and get a happy ending?

The man had showed his true love for the girl. He didnt think twice and stretched out his arms. Haih..

Jordan said...

I can only imagine the girl landing on him causing him to suffer a broken backbone and breaking into two. Okay maybe not so dramatic but something around there.

And she deserves a slap.

Gzhang said...

WHY was the girl jumping in the first place? Was it because she had some Mary Poppins fantasy she would like to fulfil?

Or was she suicidal?

Well, the irony in this case is just oh-so-not-funny.