Mar 29, 2009

*Grumble grumble*

Mom, have you installed a burglar alarm in our house?? That Taman Maluri robbery video was effing scary can?! Come to think of it, our auto-gate moves so friggin' slow, how is it going to stop the robbers?

Thought: I feel safer in student housing than back in Malaysia.

Kinda says a lot, doesn't it? And to think just last week or so, a friend berated me about not being, I don't know, patriotic enough, because I said I didn't understand why people would call Malaysians friendly when clearly, there are more friendly people in Australia. It's a shared sentiment between another Malaysian here, I found.

If you run into a robber fleeing the scene, don't wonder, just ram the a-hole and stop him. Then yell, "fire". Then get out of your car and beat that mofo up with that stick you keep in your car on the driver's side.


_VeL_ said...

OMG! so freaking scary la. happened last week. goodness. i can't imagine this. ask your parents be careful when they open and close their gate. seriously, scary la M'sia. :S

tkc55 said...

Surely there are crimes every corner of the world, but these @#~*" bastards in Malaysia not just want your bags, but they probably gets the joy out of hurting their victims.

Latest robbery case, just being a good samarithans, this chinese young couple was stopped by 2 robbers on a motorcycle pretended to ask for direction, they were robbed and the girl was kidnapped and raped at a secluded estate quarters near Kajang.

I don't blame you for not being patriotic, as the police and the politicians are not doing much about keeping the people safe, they are preoccupied in their fights and politiking on how to stay in power.


cheahwey said...

How did they kidnap the girl when there were already two guys on the bike... Even with that, the bike won't be moving as fast as it should and she could've jumped off. Ah, 've been reading too many thrillers.

tkc55 said...

the robbers stopped the car on the pretext to ask for direction, then they took out a parang.The guy was robbed and chased out of the car, then they drove off to Sg Long in Cheras. Anyway, the police managed to catch one of the robbers.

_VeL_ said...

gosh. cannot be kind in M'sia. it's just doesn't work in M'sia. sigh.