Feb 22, 2009

Star trails

I took a few shots yesterday night while the roomies cooled down by the Herb Garden adjacent to our unit.

Herb Garden
Herb Garden, Vickery House

If the rising and setting of the Sun doesn't cut it for you, this is further proof that the Earth is spinning.

Star trails
Star Trail

Star trails occur because of the Earth's rotation.

This 30min (max) exposure created a lot of noise at ISO 200 (lowest). The original image was grainy with a slight washed out look while some trails weren't obvious because the stars weren't bright enough. Oddly enough, the trails emitted different hues (orange, blue, white).

Star Trail Unedited

I suspect the soft contrasts came from fluorescents around the garden area which might explain the noise. I'm going to have to find darker spots next time. Goes against my instincts though. I shouldn't be hanging out in the dark even if I have company. Muggers here are ruthless, so I've been told.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

It has different colours because stars burn. Blue is hotter, red or orange-y not so much. REMEMBER?

cheahwey said...

Uh, no?

Where were we supposed to have learnt that?

sean said...

form 1 ..

Gzhang said...

Yes, hwey. they DO have different colours. Yellow ain't the onleh colour, yo.

Now I'm so itching to do night photography!

cheahwey said...

Hehehe... okay, so I wasn't paying attention.

Get a buddy to teman you or bring entertainment before you run off and do long exposures! The wait might bore you.