Feb 24, 2009

Second day of classes and I'm already late!

Well, maybe it's not as bad as being registered for the class and being late.

Due to a shift in classes a week before this, a small number (?) of students had to reshuffle their schedules. All classes were full so I chose this class, today, at 8am, because I wanted to free up my afternoons for the rest of the week.
Buuuuut no. It didn't work out.

Luckily for me, I wasn't registered for that class but yes, I was late. Decided that I'll go for the one on Thursday afternoon instead.

Sure, I could've knocked and said, "Sorry I'm late, I couldn't find the classroom" (I really couldn't find the classroom). Thing was, I refuse to be late, I refuse to interrupt them because they'd already begun and I had choices.

Funny thing was, there was these two other boys who were late too. Deng told me they were going for the same class and they couldn't find the classroom and more whispers. I was a bit lost because I'm like.. almost, partially, deaf. Mmm. Could've told them the class was that *points* way, now that I know what happened.

In defence of myself, I'd like to say that I was up all night, no, not watching porn (we're being watched!), not watching crap on my laptop, not doodling, I was studying for yesterday and today's classes and reading the newspaper. Another coal mine explosion in Shan Xi, China and South Australia has a Producers' scheme in hopes of encouraging more commercial films. See? News. *chuckle*

Now excuse me while I feel disappointed with myself.

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