Feb 23, 2009

Overwhelmed: The Aussie Edu Experience

I've been studying ALL DAY; familiarizing myself with this new method of learning on the net, unit structures and requirements, assessment details, this week's reading list... phew.

Just from today's tutorial, I can see the vast difference in teaching methods between Australia and Malaysia. Spoon feeding can go to hell, they want you to think for yourselves. They ask that you don't just accept materials you read but question them. If you agree with it, think of how you can expand on that idea.

In tutorials, they encourage discussions and it's really different here because people actually say something! The fact that there are mature aged students in class with you is an added advantage because us Gen Y kids have no experience from eons before (excludes dinner table stories from parents about life before computers, cars and phones xD) and the Gen X-ers can bring that to the table.

Gotta split. Need to shit. *RHYME ALERT!*


Ps. Considering that WA has super early end-of-trading hours, it's weird that Universities have classes until 9pm.

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