Feb 27, 2009

Life's not so stale now

I wish there was such a thing as mold killer for bread. I've had to throw out a loaf and two slices because of the heat from Summer. Really nasty things, mold.

Moldy bread

Yes, yes, "if in doubt, just throw it in the fridge". I know that now.

In other news, our tray of eggs rotted. Oh, how the smell of hydrogen sulphide brought back memories. It stunk real bad but Science was fun!
Unfortunately, the only way I know of to tell if an egg's rotten is to break it open. The smell will totally get you going in the morning though.

Autumn's here! Kinda.


Kamigoroshi said...

Two things. One, I put my bread in the freezer and not the fridge regardless of the season because it lasts longer and the bread does not soak up all the moisture (it just freezes).

Two, if you want to know if your eggs are rotten just put it in a bowl of water. Good eggs sink to the bottom, bad eggs tend to float or stand upright. Just a little tip the next time

cheahwey said...

One: Do you thaw it or toast it or microwave it after?
Where would the water (from the ice) go?

Two: Oh right! Just like the proverb or some shit.

Thanks a lot, Kami. That's probably AUD 5 saved :)