Jan 3, 2009

Please. Enlighten me.

Situation: you have a sibling that's in a relationship with this guy/girl and you all have the same circle of friends. Sibling and boy/girlfriend argues, or whatever, that triggers him/her to call your phone to get to him/her. Note that this is not the first time. You're annoyed. I was going to say "sort of annoyed" but refrained because there is no such thing as "sort of" annoyed because you either are or you're not.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is, should other halves call the other halves' siblings so they can communicate with their other halves? *chuckles at the "other halves"*

Which brings me to another question, should other halves use their friends'/family's phones to call their other halves when they themselves run out of credit/have no phone?
E.g. Lovebird A and B are having an argument (not so lovey-dovey anymore at this point). This phone call stretches to more than an hour. Finally, A runs out of credit and needs to borrow a phone. So happens, A has a friend with him/her. "Can I borrow your phone", A asks.

Let me just say, if I was in this situation, I wouldn't borrow my friends phone and I would most definitely not call my boyfriend's brother or sister to get to said boyfriend. Or at least, I'll refrain from doing that. I mean, if it happens once or twice, that's fine with my principles (I'm sure they hate me when I break them). But not more than thrice. Besides, looking at how my friends stinge (inferred from observations and experience) when it comes to phone credit, it wouldn't be fair to use theirs when they don't have a part in this argument or whatever else it is between said boyfriend and I.

If you need to call me because you're supposed to meet girlfriend now but she hasn't shown up and you can't reach her on her cell, sure, by all means, call me. But if you want to call her to settle an argument, lose my number.

What do you, the masses, think about the questions presented?


Raymond said...

1. no
2. no
3. This guy/girl needs to learn some manners.

lesbo said...

no comment.

im in singapore!

either i really suck at photography.. or this D70s is impossible to use! lol.. does the type of lens play a role?cause i really wana blame it on something else besides the photographer lol.. hood important for sunset/rise pics?

i wana cry..zz

lesbo said...

oh i do have one comment..

love is unexplainable...

experience it to believe it..


Gzhang said...

I'd tell the fella to bugger off after the second time. Or make it very clear that I don't like such things.

The insistence of using a sibling to help settle an arugment is just further proof that some people have got some growing up to do

Lisa Lee said...

They always say that love in the office can be messy. Related relationships like what you mention about can have one good side - you can ask family members to help out.

Maybe it can last longer? Sighhhh

Anonymous said...

This is basically all about proper and ettique.

It's not right nor wrong, but it's not polite. This whole thing down to the core is quite the same way- there's no right nor wrong- so if I were you, I would just hack care the whole bloody thing and live based on my own principles.

If they want to do what they feel need be done, then that's gotta be at their own expence. Anything from anyone( you), is nothing less than an act of sincerity.

Don't you think so?

P/s: we should just chat on msn la once-neighbour of mine, ahahaha. It's so weird me finding you via Nuffnang Innit, when I've known you since sec school.

Das Connection

cheahwey said...

Wow, you keep a rational head even if you're in a relationship. Good for you :)

A faster lens would most definitely make things easier in low light situations but it's all fine with a tripod or something steady to put your camera on.

The hood prevents glare, so I suppose it has its uses during sunrises and sunsets.

How's your assignment coming?

You know, Dr Brennan from Bones would say that it was the release of certain chemicals in your brain that makes you think you're in love. So it is explainable. Hahahaha, 've been watching previous seasons of Bones lately.

See, now I'm worried if I conveyed my point properly. Thing is, BF is calling my phone so I can pass the call to GF. It only happens when BF can't reach GF either because GF doesn't want to pick up or they're trying to call each other at the same time... BAH.
I just remembered an instance when GF refused to talk to BF AFTER I picked up the phone. I'm not a fucking mediator.

Lisa Lee:
Well yeah, only if the family wants to get involved. Unless it's REALLY bad, I don't think its their (family members) place to get involved.

It's like a mother meddling with her son and daughter in law's (DIL) marital problems. Sooner or later the DIL's going to get annoyed or something with the mother.

From your display picture, you look like a concoction of Hannah Tan and Marit Larsen. Essentially, pretty girl lah.

Hmmm yes, it does seem to be about etiquette.

If they want to do what they feel need be done, then that's gotta be at their own expence. Anything from anyone( you), is nothing less than an act of sincerity.
You're like the Voice of Reason right now *chuckle chuckle chuckle*.

Oh dear once-neighbour of mine, I'm very much a hermit on MSN (in real life too). Nowadays, I don't turn MSN on that often anymore. Lesbo can attest to that.

I still remember when I first saw you walking outside my house or something. I was like, "What's Jordan doing here?! Does he live here?! OMG!" HAHAHAHAHA.
It was funny how Texas roamed freely without a leash at that time seeing as there were tonnes of things to go after in that area.

Clarisse Teagen said...

OMG.. that would definitely be most inconsiderate. Honestly. .
Never did, never will

Shan said...

Haha of course nopoe to both Qs... Definitely very very inconsiderate

-Littlenicky- said...

never call siblings. Serious.

Damn annoying wan lor. Even for me. Like most of the times when me n bird argue hor, i sometimes feel damn fed up dont want to talk then i slammed the phone then he'll become damn fruz then he will call my sister..

my sis got annoyed.. and some time down the line i was annoyed too.. so yeah.. stupid sister in the end toh sui me by telling mt father ZZZ

as for pinjaming phone.. so far.. he din do tht. Last time when he was still using prepaid, sometimes talk half way mmg no more credit then he will pinjam his frens phone to tell me tht his phone no more credit.. will call later when he go home like tht lor.. wont talk for long tht kind wan lah...