Jan 21, 2009

Obama's Inauguration

I watched it for a couple of hours on CNN.com Live while updating my Facebook status with crap.


Did you guys see the inauguration?
The crowd was crazy huge and it seemed crazy cold!

It was cute that Obama was nervous when he was taking oath. His speech was well written too. I wonder if he writes his own speeches.
And then after the oath there was a luncheon where Senator Kennedy had a seizure. Poor man. He's fine now.
The Inauguration Parade began about an hour or so behind schedule. And because the cameras were just recording the events as they go (most times there were no narration and lots of waiting), we get to hear the conversations of people standing too close to the mic and/or the CNN crew's.

"Don't you stink eye me!"

It was funny.

The Biden's were pretty nice to watch too. Joe was all gungho, Jill was lookin' fine in her red coat and black boots.


His daughter, Ashley, reminded me of Kate Beckinsale. Pretty girl. The whole family walked out in the cold for a pretty long time... it was -2 celcius, I checked.

It took a while but they have the coolest parades; the tumblers and the marching bands were fun to watch. Then at some point, the President and the First Lady came out and walked for a bit during the 1.7 mile long route to the White House, then got back in the tank of a limo. The doors looked 5-6 inches thick! And then after a while, they came back out again. Lots of people were worried about him getting shot at though. Michelle Obama did not show how cold she was walking down that stretch because, heck, she wasn't wearing enough to keep her warm. What a woman... His two girls looked bored watching the parade. Or they were tired.

Satellite images of the inauguration. Capitol Hill is on the right while the Lincoln Memorial the left. Those people sure looked like ants.

Pictures from the day on CNN.com

The idea of watching the inauguration together with people on Facebook from all over the world on CNN.com Live was very cool. I saw "Jill looks shaggable today" on the status update page.


sean said...


cheahwey said...

Are you in Gilmore City?
From my stats.

She was pretty hot lah. People are wondering if she was too sexy for the inauguration.

cheahwey said...

I read that someone was asking if those boots were "fuck me" boots. Heeheeeheee...

Gzhang said...

Ah. You mean the 'come hither' boots.

And he has a speech writer. His speech writer is a young 20 plus year old,if I remember correctly. He bases the speech on Obama's past speeches and both of them will work together on the speech.

sean said...

wear so much already still call too sexy ah? what the hell wei...

cheahwey said...

Ey, underneath that red coat is a mini dress you know. And the boots... the boots!