Jan 19, 2009

I will miss you idiots

I need to seriously start packing all my crap.
Now I hate being a pack rat.

"Oh look, I might need this one day *stash*"

Now one day is here and I have too much crap to go through.

Finally, my revelation after having to go through pictures that Vel posted from last week: I've figured out how I can look better in photos.

My problem is that I tend to tilt my head slightly upward; all snobbish like, if you must. To make my face look less chubbier, I should look downward. Ever so slightly. And then turn my head a little to the left or right for that I-have-a-jaw look. Yes, very much a note to self paragraph.

And so, like all things in life, I guess having your picture taken and posing well is really just trial and error.

I still hate having my pictures taken though. Just so damn fucking embarrassing when you look back at it.

I really do suck at taking portraits. Inanimate objects are the best.


_VeL_ said...

i haven't pack a single thing yet. and don't know what to bring over except cloths and toiletries. that's it? god!~

u actually study on how to post well for photos ar? HAha

cheahwey said...

Posing is a skill okay. That's why not everyone is a model.

You have to bring some stationery, linens, copies of your documents, shoes, formal/office wear, any books or notes you think would be useful and etc..

Jordan said...

I know you're gonna kill me for this, but where are you going again btw?

Couture Oven said...

eh u use me as a guinea pig lah .. then i can practice posing also =D =D then can hide my face neck n arms

cheahwey said...

Imma goin' to Australia, dood. I'm going to have brekkies and barbies.. hahaha
And oh, I don't kill. I stare at you till you crack.

Right, I don't think that'll happen.

Jordan said...

Shit. This is always a sad reality. One by one of us is disappearing with time. I know I've gone to Singapore but I do come back on a regular and yeah, Singapore is just a causeway away.

You're gonna miss the fucking world we call PJ.


Long. Long for it.

Aha. Take care dear.

cheahwey said...

Nah, I don't think I'm going to miss PJ too much. Heck, I didn't want to come back to Malaysia when I was in Japan. All is good for now.